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  • Holistic Human Resource Management

    Holistic Human Resource Management

    Manage the entire employee lifecycle through a unified human resource management software solution powered by Position Control.

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  • Modern and Mobile Time & Attendance

    Modern and Mobile Time & Attendance

    A dynamic Time & Attendance software solution for managing your modern and multi-dimensional workforce.

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  • Multi-Dimensional Business Intelligence

    Multi-Dimensional Business Intelligence

    Your organization is Multi-Dimensional, your business intelligence software should be too. Experience relevant reporting for your industry powered by Position Control for innovative insights.

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  • Configurable Talent Management

    Configurable Talent Management

    Align your organization to achieve your mission with Talent Management software that encompasses everything from dynamic appraisal templates to credential tracking and learning management.

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  • Streamlined Recruiting Management

    Streamlined Recruiting Management

    Identify, attract, hire, and retain top talent with a Recruiting Management software that provides a streamlined candidate experience from application to onboarding and beyond.

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  • Powerful Position Control Software

    Powerful Position Control Software

    Use Position Control software to build and manage your organization by position, not by employee, to increase visibility, control costs, maximize resources, and ensure compliance.

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  • Simple & Robust Payroll Processing

    Simple & Robust Payroll Processing

    Ensure payroll accuracy and compliance with ease. Sit back and relax while DATIS Payroll Processing software automates shift differentials, secondary pay rates, labor allocations, and more.

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  • DATIS Unified Solution Overview

    DATIS Unified Solution Overview

    DATIS is a complete HR & Payroll software solution intentionally designed to help Health and Human Services organizations unify their workforce to achieve their mission.

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  • Configurable Benefits Administration

    Configurable Benefits Administration

    Simplify benefits eligibility and modernize the enrollment process with configurable Benefits Administration software to fit your organization's unique needs.

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